Tour de France Thursday – 16 Days till SR

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Nothing like watching that Stage 6 finish of the Tour de France for a little motivation and inspiration!!   Wow, can you believe those climbs?!  I truly don’t even understand how they do it.   Thursday I have another tough grinder session on the bike trainer, so naturally I turned on the Tour so I wouldn’t miss anything.   Suddenly those grinds I was doing seemed a whole lot less intense!!   Only one session for the day today, and I also start work this evening which means late nights through the weekend.   Because I am a freelance musician, that means I  have the flexibility to decided what jobs that I want to do which comes it really handy for training and races.   I also usually work nights and weekends which allows me the freedom to do a lot of my training during the morning and afternoons.   It does throw my body’s sleep schedule off a little bit, but I just try to adjust and make sure I’m getting enough sleep (starting my training later in the morning when necessary), because I love what I do for work and I know that it is an essential part of keeping me balanced.   I actually find that triathlon and music go together quite harmoniously in a lot of ways (even though it may not seem like it!) and I find that I’m more productive, peaceful, and SANE when I’m able to both work and train!

Bike set created by my coach, Jarrod Evans of Triathlon Gold. I love that Coach Jarrod calls this a “Percieved Effort” set;  his notes say to remember that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were tough, and will have an effect on what I have to give today in the set.   Numbers aren’t the goal, effort is.   It takes the pressure off trying to reach a goal power number that realistically, due to the week’s load, you probably won’t achieve!!   This helps me avoid negative head-space pitfalls and I feel more encouraged to work hard because that pressure is removed.



BIKE 2 hour “Perceived Effort” on bike trainer 2 h
RUN x x

Stretching only

(Noted as strength and condition day)


120 mins including the following:
6 x 8 mins on 53/11 or big chain ring as:
1 min easy
2 min solid
3 min hard
2 min recovery

Usually following this set I have strength and conditioning that I would do.   Due to work, and having to take my instruments to get repaired, I didn’t have the time to do it.  I ALWAYS stretch before and especially after a hard set, even if it’s just for a few minutes.    In my Training Peaks notes following this session, I wrote that I need to remember the importance of CADENCE!   It’s so much easier to keep your power up with a higher cadence, and I catch myself slipping down lower than I want to be sometimes.   It was frustrating to look back at the first half of the efforts, when I was not focused on that, to see that I actually probably could’ve put out more power.  BUT… that is exactly what training is for.   I made the note, hopefully made the correction, and will apply it in my next effort.


BREAKFAST 1 7am 3 pieces sourdough bread

Almond butter

Blueberry jam

My go-to before long and hard sets on the bike, sits well in my stomach and keeps me going


Protein smoothie

Spinach, frozen broccoli

½ banana, frozen strawberries

2 scoops vegan pea protein

Ground flax seed

You have a 30 minute window to get protein in after a hard workout, when your body absorbs it best


Spianch and mixed greens salad

Quinoa and chickpeas

Tomatoes, avocado

Sesame ginger dressing

Dose of greens plus lots of protein

Avo = good fat

SNACK 4pm NUGO brand vegan protein bar


These are my go-to bar, about 200 cal, 12g sugar, and 15g protein


Sauteed broccoli, bells, onion  in a Korean sauce

Kimchi and sesame seeds on top

Over white rice

Hearty meal but still healthy

Rice for protein

Kimchi good for digestion

SNACK 11pm Kashi cereal

Almond milk

I worked late and was hungry when I got home!  Also have a hard run and swim in the AM and need extra fuel stores

Work was great, but I got home late and didn’t get to sleep until almost midnight!  Needless to say, I’ll need to adjust my day a little bit tomorrow to make sure I get enough sleep.   Other than that, I’m feeling pretty good and continue to make some solid deposits in the bank!

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