Saved by Swim Squad – 17 days till SR

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Well, Wednesdays are great because I don’t have an early morning workout and it’s a chance to sleep in!!  AWESOME!   Except… nope, body said, “Let’s wake up at 6:30!” #fail.   So I got up and had a leisurely morning eating breakfast with coffee, watching the news like a couch potato, and getting some work done on the computer.   My body is feeling achy today after yesterday’s hard day but I’m also in a good and positive headspace (this is so important and feel like I should mention it every day!).

It’s funny how the 3 sports rotate with each other; when you focus on one, another one loses a little bit of steam.    I’d been working heavily on my bike all year (and still am) but also turned my attention to my swimming, therefore, I was feeling recently like my running lost a little bit of steam.   So I turned more of my energy and focus toward running again, thinking, “OK, I am a solid swimmer, my swimming isn’t going anywhere.”   I slacked a little bit in the pool, not pushing myself as hard as I usually do, and overall just not maximizing my sessions.   Low and behold, swimming is a bit more tiresome than it was a few months ago!   It hasn’t gone far and won’t take long to get back, but maybe one day I’ll figure out the magical way to get all my training to go well at once!!

DAY 3/19

SWIM  4,600 meters  Long Course

5 x 800 plus WU and CD

1:30 h
RUN EASY zone 1 recovery run :40
STRENGTH Stretching only

1 HOUR 30 MIN SWIM – 4,600 meters

200 easy warm-up
8 x 100 – descend 5 seconds every set of 2 100s (2:00 / 1:55 / 1:50 / 1:45)
4 x 200 – descend pace
2 x 400 pull – try to match pace of 1st 400 on the 2nd one
200 non-free easy (recovery)
2nd SET:
8 x 100 on 2:00 – 2 easy, 4 moderate, 2 hard
4 x 200 – with paddles only, 75 % effort and hold
20 easy cool down


This is a very important run!!  The notes from my coach are to make sure this is at RECOVERY HEART RATE.   I feel like people overlook and overrun these runs a lot of the time, but when I have a “recvoery” run it is absolutely no joke.   And my legs felt like garbage from the day before anyway, so I always take them very seriously.  Just for reference, in order to keep my ZONE 1 HR (117 or less) in check here, my pace was 11:29.    And I have absolutely no shame about that!!!








Kashi cereal with berries


Because I didn’t have a workout to do this morning, I had a breakfast that was lighter, but still healthy and had protein







10 am

Pre swim


2 pieces multigrain bread

Peanut butter

Half banana sliced on top


Lots of protein here and like bike sets, I have a long day in the pool so this will stick with me










Sauteed tomatoes and spinach

Garlic and EVOO

I was REALLY hungry when I got home from my hard pool day, this was satisfying but provided carbs, veggies, healthy fat (oil) and garlic as anti-inflammatory






Roasted red potatoes

Whole grain toast with jam


Potatoes – will digest well and store for tonight’s run

Toast – more complex carbs for run tonight;

I’m also hungrier than usual today and need more satisfying fuel!

DINNER 7pm Quinoa taco salad

(made with leftovers)






Kashi cereal

Almond milk

I have a hard bike set in the morning and want to have a little extra energy stored up


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