Athlete Testimonials

“I can’t say enough good things about having Christine as my triathlon coach.  I am so lucky to have found her early in my triathlon journey.  She has helped me every step of the way to maneuver through this very confusing sport.  Christine has coached me through 2 of my Ironman 70.3s and my nutrition along the way.  Having her along my side for the journey made everything so much better.  Both of my races I came in within 60 seconds of my goal time and 100% of that credit goes to Christine for staying on top of me through my nutrition and training.
If you’re thinking of hiring a coach, don’t hesitate to hire Christine; she’s one of the best in the business and very professional” — Jeff C.

” Christine is my third coach I have worked with over the last ten years and is the best of them.  Our journey started with nutrition coaching and quickly expanded on to triathlons at my request.  She is smart, proactive, incredibly knowledgeable and has very high emotional intelligence. I would add she is an incredible human in addition to being a top coach.  Christine is very generous with her time, does not rush you, has incredible active listening skills. Her prompt follow up skills makes her stand out amongst other professionals I have worked with.
Looking forward to working together for the foreseeable future as we develop strengths and manage and turn weaknesses in to opportunities to get better.  I would and do highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be better and do/get better in nutrition and triathlon training.” — Burak A.

“I couldn’t have had a better training experience than I did with Christine.  She is extremely knowledgable, empathetic, and motivating.  Through the training plan she developed for me, I was able to make signicant progress in all 3 disciplines to reach my goals.  What really stood out about Christine is that she really got to know me as a person and understood my goals but also listened to my concerns – she knew what I struggled with, when I didn’t feel confident, and when I needed an extra push.  She was incredibly thorough and adaptive.  She went above and beyond in terms of helping me feel prepared going into a race, including pre-race, during, and post-race fueling and nutrition as well as pacing/race/course tactics.  She even ran beside me at Oceanside 70.3 to check on me to see how I was feeling and helped me adjust my hydration!  I would recommend Christine whether you are a seasoned athlete or just getting started.  I am certain I will continue working with Christine going forward!” — Valerie R.

“I was lucky enough to be coached by Christine in preparation for my very first triathlon.  In such a daunting and complicated sport, Christine made me feel asssured, prepared, and capable.  She takes a unique appraoch to coaching and training by taking into account her athletes’ lifestyle commitments which allows for balance and eas in an activity that can easily feel overwhelming!  Christine’s background in sports nutrition provides an extremely well-rounded coaching experience which allws her athletes to make the most out of their hard work, not just in training, but in recovery and fueling as well.  Christine guided me with endless patience and kindness and I will be forever grateful to have been coached by someone as passionate and dedicated as her.  Any athlete would be lucky to be coached by Christine!  Thank you for everything!!” –Mika H.

“It’s been great having the programming and seeing the gains and I wouldn’t have made it through all of those races the way I did without your coaching/programming/support. Being coached was a huge growing experience for me that will benefit me well into the future in areas well beyond the scope of triathlon. ” — Tim




  • Athletes receive completely personalized weekly triathlon training plan via Training Peaks, including a season roadmap and Annual Training Plan
  • Guidance in areas of strength, stretching, and recovery protocols
  • Get help choosing your A,B, & C races as well as advice on gear selection, race tactics, and
  • Help creating custom fueling and hydration race plans, as well as on how to fuel properly during workouts and after to promote recovery
  • Feedback in comments via Training Peaks
  • Unlimited adjustments for travel, sickness, and injury
  • Bi-monthly meetings via phone/Zoom/Skype to discuss performance
  • Full access to Coach via text & email during the week

INTERESTED IN COACHING?   Email Coach Christine at for a free 20 minute consultation



Athlete-In-Training ($600)

An 8 week program that spends the first month taking a deep look into daily nutrition, food timing, addressing macro and caloric goals, and troubleshooting issues.  Once a solid base nutrition and daily healthy habits are established, we apply this to the athlete’s training.   We make sure the athlete is choosing appropriate foods at the right times to optimize performance and recovery, as well as addressing intra-workout fueling, hydration, sweat rate and sweat sodium needs.   If a race is coming up, we also spend time formulating a fuel and hydration plan for the race, including help with figuring out what products will work best for the athlete’s needs.

Race Fuel Plan ($85)
A personalized race fueling and hydration plan broken down into detail including caloric, carb, fluid, and electrolyte guidelines for the swim, bike, and run based on information obtained through questionnaire and a phone consultation.  Also includes pre-race guidelines for pre-loading the day before, race morning, and recovery strategies.

“I literally stuck to your nutrition plan that you gave me to a T, and it basically saved me.  It was 95 degrees with super high humidity – I got all my nutrition down on the bike and it really set me up for that run.  I felt amazing the entire race, so thank you for the best advice ever!” — Missy

Dietary Analysis ($85)
A more in-depth look into what your diet really looks by the numbers, broken down into calories, macros, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals.  A quick way to find out where your diet is lacking and you will receive guidance on how to improve in these areas to achieve your goals.  Includes PDF of results + 30 min phone call to discuss and troubleshoot.

Consultation ($60)
A 1-1:15 hr phone call or virtual call to discuss anything nutrition related!