Form Fridays – 15 Days till SR

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Sooooo I was supposed to get up and go down to Corona Del Mar to do my Friday morning open water ocean swim.  BUT.. I got home late from work and didn’t get to sleep until almost midnight, and being that I’m usually a 9:30-10pm bedtime person, midnight is much later than I’m used to.   I also have come to know myself and my tendencies pretty well by now, and if I don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep, the next day is pretty much a waste.   I almost feel like I’m hungover if I don’t get enough sleep!   That being said, I decided to make sure I got my 7 hours and opted to do my hard run first and then go to 11am Masters swimming.  I used to do this hard run set on Thursday evenings, but it just became too much for me so we made the decision to move it to Friday mornings.  It gives me one more night of recovery and since moving it, I’ve noticed some positive gains being made again in my running.   There are lots of different ways to put your training together as long as you’re getting the key sessions in; everyone is different and what works for one person won’t work for others.   If something isn’t working in your training, don’t be afraid to try something different!

Day 5/19

SWIM 1:30h Masters swimming 1:30 h
BIKE x x
RUN 1:30 track session:

15 x 800s

1:30 h
STRENGTH Stretching post-run

Recovery boots

1:30 h TRACK SESSION : 15 x 800s
Warm up
5 x 800 m in 3:45, 200 m recovery jog
5 x 800 m in 3:40, 200 m recovery jog
5 x 800 m in 3:45, 200 m recovery jog

I wake up on Friday mornings a little bit nervous every week because this is a tough set and truthfully it scares me a little.  Last week I didn’t hit my goal times on this so that was definitely weighing in the back of my mind.  I also knew I was a little fatigued but instead of focusing on being tired, my legs having fatigue, and whether or not I would be able to make the times, instead I focused on all the things that I could do in the moment to make myself faster.   Every step became thinking about my form: do my feet sound the same, are they hitting the ground on the same part of my foot, are my hips solid, am I tracking straight, am I running tall from the hips, leaning, arms in the correct position, etc etc… And when you have all those tiny little corrections to make, the laps start to go by a lot more quickly.   By the end of the set, not only was a hitting my targets, I was actually able to run slightly faster than them!

1:15 h SWIM PRACTICE – 2,800 meters
200 easy
4 x 150 : 25 R arm/ 25 L arm, 50 fists, 50 swim
4 x 200: 2 x 50 kick, 2 x 50 swim descending, one 200 of each IM stroke
6 x 50: 1 easy, 2 moerate, 3 hard
6 x 10 with pull: 3 easy, 2 moderate, 1 hard
200 cool down






Light bowl of cereal

Almond milk

½ c coffee

I don’t like to eat a lot before runs, but DO need at least something to get me going.   Also less coffee, so it won’t upset my stomach or give me heartburn



Post-run and


Protein smoothie

Spinach, frozen broccoli

½ banana, frozen strawberries

2 scoops vegan pea protein

Ground flax seed

20+ g protein plus sugars to help recovery, plus the water helps rehydrate (I sweat a lot this run!)



Leftover asian veggies and rice

Sauteed bokchoy

Heaty meal after a long swim set



Raw carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes,

Pretzel thins


One of my fav healthy snacks, as you can tell!



Curried quinoa from Trader Joe’s

Curried cauliflower, mushrooms, onion

Lots of protein from quinoa, and curry is great as an anti-inflammatory.  I also love curries!



Bag of chocolate chip cookies

I normally wouldn’t do this, except on nights before I have long rides – tomorrow’s is 5 hours so I know I’ll need the extra fuel

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