Now accepting clients in 2021!!   Athletes receive personalized weekly triathlon training plan via Training Peaks including a season roadmap and Annual Training Plan.
Get help choosing your A,B, & C races as well as advice on gear selection, race tactics, and fueling/hydration strategies.
Athletes will receive a weekly review of workouts with feedback via Training Peaks with and adjustments for travel, sickness, and injury
Monthly progress meeting via phone/Zoom/Skype
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Full access to Coach via text & email during the week


  • Initial Nutrition Assessment – medical and weight history, dietary intake, lifestyle assessment, food preferences, training schedule, and more
  • Dietary Analysis – see a full workup of your current eating habits and receive recommendations on what to include/exclude to have a well-balanced diet
  • 45 min Initial Consultation to discuss Assessment and Analysis
  • Personalized daily fueling guidelines to support training plan
  • Weekly nutrition recommendations based on training, recovery, and work schedule
  • Assessment of macronutrient balance
  • Nutrient timing around workouts for optimal energy and recovery
  • Navigate any GI distress or issues
  • Discuss body composition and performance goals
  • Discuss hydration needs
  • Bi-monthly 30 min phone/Skype to troubleshoot and make necessary adjustments (Initial Consultation plus 2 x 30 min per month)
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • Optional: Additional Follow-up sessions*


  • Initial assessment – 45 min consultation via phone/Skype that includes discussion of completed forms in order to formulate the best personal strategy
  • A personalized fueling plan specific to your race day, including breakfast, pre-race, and deatailed during race fueling and hydration
  • Personalized fuel and electrolyte guidelines for taper and recovery weeks
  • Discussion of proper carb and electrolyte loading
  • Product recommendations for what may work best for athlete
  • Specific taper guidelines for up to 7 days out from race day.
  • Travel nutrition guidelines (if applicable)
  • 30 minute follow-up session after race day to troubleshoot and make adjustments
  • Optional: Additional Follow-up sessions* at $60/h


  • Morning pre-race fueling/hydration guidelines
  • Detailed and personalized fuel/hydration plan for entire race broken down by time on the bike and miles on the run
  • Tailored to your specific race location, course, and projected weather conditions
  • Product recommendations as needed
  • Trouble-shooting issues (cramping, GI distress, allergies, intolerances, etc)
  • Emailed to client within 3 business days
  • Includes a follow up to make any changes


  • Analysis of your diet to include breakdown of macros in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, caloric intake, 60+ nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • See how your diet compares to recommended daily values
  • Includes recommendations on what to foods to include/exclude to improve general health
  • Discussion of recommended supplementation if necessary
  • Results emailed to client within 3 business days
  • Includes 30 min phone/Skype follow up to discuss and answer questions


  • Evaluation of athlete’s daily training nutrition before, during, and after workouts
  • Send your week’s workouts and receive tailored recommendations
  • Based on athlete’s needed caloric intake, training stats, preferences and lifestyle
  • Hydration guidelines based on sweat rate and estimated electrolyte loss
  • See where to make corrections in nutrition to support optimum training output and recovery
  • Includes weekly follow up to make corrections for following week
  • Recommendations and/or discussion of products based on athlete’s needs
  • Includes Initial Consult plus a weekly 30 min phone/Skype follow up (IC + 3x total) to discuss and answer questions


  • Combo of both of the above services!
  • Includes dietary analysis and the training nutrition analysis
  • Includes Initial Constul plus a weekly 30 min phone/Skype follow up(IC + 3x total) to discuss and answer qestions
  • Optional: Additional Follow-up sessions* @$60/h